Food brings the family together. We’d like to invite you to be part of the Beach Avenue BBQ family and share our passion for great food. Pasture-raised hogs, Wagyu beef, and locally sourced, sustainable ingredients means our quality is second-to-none. At Beach Avenue BBQ, you will enjoy a variety of award-winning barbeque dishes for the whole family.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Beach Avenue BBQ where you will always have a spot at our table.

~Juan Silva & Christopher Chin, proprietors

3453 Grand Blvd., Brookfield, IL

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Beach Avenue BBQ was formed in 2016 and started simply as two neighbors barbequing and smoking meat in their backyards for family and friends.  Impressed with each other’s skills, Juan and Christopher formed a friendship around their shared passion of making great food for the people they love.

At the urging of their families and friends, they began barbequing and smoking meats to order, which grew into regular appearances at farmers markets, catering, and barbeque events.  Word of “the Beach Avenue barbeque guys” spread quickly thanks to their reputation for delivering amazing barbeque.

About the Proprietors


I cook for people, not for trophies.  ~Juan Silva

Juan, like many barbeque enthusiasts, started smoking meat in a small backyard smoker.  Already an established cook, he began utilizing smoke as an ingredient in his recipes.  He wanted to prepare the best barbeque dishes, so he sought to learn from the best in the barbeque community.  Renowned pitmaster Phil Wingo recognized Juan’s talent and served as his mentor.

“I cook for people, not for trophies” has been Juan’s philosophy since he lit his first smoker.  While he appreciates the accolades his classic barbeque has earned, his driving force is a commitment to serving everyone quality barbeque.


Barbecue done right does not need sauce.  ~Christopher Chin

Chris’ interest in barbeque began long before he built a cinder block barbeque pit in his backyard.  He became dissatisfied with the inconsistent quality and uninspired flavor of the local barbeque scene.  Chris committed to learning the mechanics of utilizing wood, fire, heat, and smoke to achieve his desired outcome.  After smoking his first whole hog, he refined his process until it produced the exemplary quality he had been searching for.  Chris has devoted himself to perfecting the craft and honoring the traditions of various regional barbeque, while adding his own twist to the mix.

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Dine In, Delivery, or Carry Out

HOURS (or until sold out): Wednesday-Saturday 11am-7pm ; Sunday 11am-3pm

Opening during a pandemic is not exactly how we envisioned the start of Beach Ave. BBQ; however, we are overwhelmingly appreciative of the support the community has provided. We have been adjusting regularly to ensure that our priorities of guest safety and quality service come first.

We are offering a limited menu to serve our guests through the Covid-19 situation, and same day ordering and pick-up are available.  When guests arrive through the main entrance to place an order via walk-in, or pick-up a meal after calling in/ordering online, there are markings on the floor 6ft apart for safety.  Please provide your name upon arrival when picking up so we can efficiently locate your order. 

We have outdoor seating available on Grand Blvd. on a first come, first serve basis, with tables placed 6ft apart.  If there is a line of guests waiting to enter to place an order or pick-up, the line will form around on the Maple Ave. side to maintain a safe distance from the guests seated on Grand Blvd.  Parking is available on Maple Ave., Grand Blvd., and on Broadway.  We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Beach Avenue BBQ! 

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